At its in Las Vegas on Wednesday, long-time data integration and AI player announced a series of new platform capabilities, many of which were focused on generative artificial intelligence, and several more of which impressively beef up its hybrid cloud capabilities. Alteryx’s announcements do provide coverage there, but they also address the areas of data pipeline governance, and the functionality within data pipelines themselves.

Also read:, Alteryx’s Chief Product Officer, briefed The New Stack on six major announcements, three of which are in the generative AI realm, and three of which address cloud capabilities of the core Alteryx platform.

On the generative AI side, Alteryx has announced AiDIN, which serves as the umbrella brand and engine for each of Alteryx’s AI capabilities, both old and new.

An Connector, embeddable in Alteryx workflows, which can call APIs in OpenAI’s generative AI platform as an automated step in a data pipeline.

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