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GitHub revealed today that Adobe and American Express have joined its Summer 2021 Fellowship program, a 12-week, hands-on curriculum where interns work alongside developers to contribute to open source projects hosted on the GitHub repository. Vanessa Gennarelli, senior director of education at GitHub, said the overall goal of the program is increase the pool of developer talent with experience working remotely on an open source project that requires a fair amount of collaboration with other developers.

Those internships have provided open source maintainers with access to a pool of talent that can reside anywhere versus, for example, always trying to recruit individuals located in a specific geographic area, Gennarelli said.

Three quarters of open source maintainers (76%) that have worked with MLH interns reported their open source project was in a better state after working with MLH Fellows.

Much of that compensation comes in the form of organizations that hire developers for the express purpose of contributing to open source projects that they deem critical to their operations.

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