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Terraform 0.14 is now available in beta and features improvements in security, visibility, and stability. We are pleased to announce the availability of HashiCorp Terraform 0.14 in public beta.Terraform 0.14 focuses on functionality considered to be core to the infrastructure as code experience, including workflow improvements focused on predictability, and helping practitioners make better decisions about the changes Terraform will make.

Please check the known issues list before filing to see if your issue has already been reported.To evaluate Terraform 0.14-beta1 as part of your Terraform Cloud workflow, please write to to have Terraform 0.14-beta1 access added to your organization.

Learn how to create a custom Terraform provider with this new collection of Terraform tutorials on HashiCorp Learn. With official, verified, and community providers now available in the Terraform Registry, we wanted to share 11 verified integrations that have been big additions.