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By Ciaran Byrne on November 20, 2020Leave a CommentIt takes considerable expertise to not only build, integrate and maintain an AIOps platform

The applications that drive those processes are not only highly distributed, but they also operate at a level of scale that no IT team can manage using legacy approaches to managing IT.

It takes considerable expertise, however, to not only build an AIOps platform but also integrate it into an enterprise and maintain it.

A commercial AIOps platform incorporates all the best practices that have been defined by legions of IT experts, along with these benefits: Savvy organizations that invest in AIOps are primarily betting on a better way to manage IT that will enable them to accomplish more as a business. The real value proposition of any AIOps platform is that it enables an existing IT team to do more not by just eliminating rote tasks but also making it possible to deploy more applications reliably without adding IT staff.

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