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Security should be https://thenewstack.io/container-security-a-troubling-tale-but-hope-on-the-horizon/ of container deployments, especially for enterprise production environments that depend on highly scaled applications and services that will not only see massive demand but that will also interact with other services, servers, APIs, etc. All it takes is one hacker gaining access to a single container and they could wind up with the https://thenewstack.io/5-steps-to-effective-cloud-detection-and-response/.

Trivy is a command line tool that scans container images for vulnerabilities.

Next, make sure Trivy is installed on the client as well, pull down an image to scan with docker, and then test it against the vulnerability database on the server with the command: trivy client --remote http://SERVER:8080 IMAGE

And that’s all there is to scan Docker images for vulnerabilities with the Trivy command.

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