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As per the diagram, in this article, we will integrate REST and FTP based resources with Dropbox, but it needs to be emphasized that the same code would work with other protocols.

Similarly, in place of Dropbox, we could use services based on AWS, Azure, OpenStack, or other cloud providers — the same logic, approach, and patterns would continue to work. Also, speaking of Dropbox, for simplicity, we will focus on file uploads here, but the full Drobpox API is available to Zato services, so anything that Dropbox offers is available in Zato too.

We need some Python code now — it will connect to the FTP server, list all files in a specific directory, and send them all to the Dropbox connector.

Next, we can list recent additions in Dropbox to confirm that the file we were uploaded, which means that the FTP's service-connected files, the files were downloaded, and the Dropbox connector delivered them successfully.

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