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This type of test allows us to verify if the interaction of the software components in our Alexa Skill, such as, VUI, lambda, or if a database works as expected.

In terms of voice it is not easy to achieve this kind of tests because of the interaction of the voice as an input of the end-to-end test.

Bespoken allow us to make this kind of tests in an easy way!

This is how this file looks like: As you can see, we have 3 tests in this suite: This end-to-end tests can be performed with the bespoken-tools npm package.We will use the following bst command: When we execute this suite, this is what happens in Bespoken: Once we have executed the suite explained above, the bespoken-tools npm package will create a fabulous HTML report located in test_output/.

Thanks to Bespoken we can perform this complex tests.