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Six months since its launch at DockerCon, the Docker Verified Publisher program delivers on its promise to developers and partners alike The Docker Verified Publisher program means trusted content and trusted sources for the millions of Docker users.

Docker Verified Publisher partners join the trusted content Docker provides, along with Docker Official Images and the Docker Open Source program. In short, the Docker Verified Publisher program promises developers that the images they use are from the trusted software publisher.

Docker Verified Publisher partners enjoy benefits such as: Removal of rate limiting on all repos in the DVP partners’ namespace, providing a premium user experience: all Docker users, whether they have a Docker subscription or not, are be able to pull the partner’s images as much as they want DVP badging on partner namespace and repos, indicating the trusted content and verified source (part of Docker’s Secure Software Supply Chain initiative) Priority search ranking in Docker Hub Co-marketing opportunities including social shares, posts on the popular Docker blog, the exclusive right to sponsor DockerCon 2022,etc.

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