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Grafana Labs has added log indexing, storage and administration control to Grafana Enterprise system monitoring platform, as it seeks to build a full cloud native observability stack for its enterprise users. Based on the Loki (for logging) and Cortex (for metric queries on Prometheus) open source platforms, which Grafana maintains, the concept is also intended to help meet the demand for logging functionality within the Grafana Enterprise stack, while complementing metrics and other Grafana Enterprise capabilities. What we are seeing is that organizations that adopt Grafana Enterprise really like our approach, and have been expressing more and more desire to adopt our solutions in the adjacent spaces of metrics and logs storage,” Tom Wilkie, vice president of product at Grafana Labs, who is also a Prometheus maintainer and a Loki and Cortex co-creator, told The New Stack. Grafana Enterprise Metrics and Grafana Enterprise Logs are our offerings here — building on the Cortex and Loki projects to make the technology more accessible, easier to operate and suitable for the needs of a large organization.”

Grafana Labs said the Grafana Enterprise Stack bundle now consists of: “Existing Grafana users have been converting to Grafana Enterprise for a while now, especially when they need to connect to their existing enterprise data sources such as Splunk, Datadog, New Relic, etc.,” Wilkie said.

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