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Honeycomb is sponsoring our coverage of o11ycon+hnycon. The new Honeycomb Metrics observability platform offers a single interface that bridges the gap between traditional monitoring and modern observability. While defining observability as a “socio-technical capability” that allows humans to understand their systems, Liz Fong-Jones, principal developer advocate for Honeycomb and a member of the governance committee of OpenTelemetry, described how Honeycomb’s observability platform was previously limited to providing observability through an event-based model, using traces and logs in native format but requiring users to convert time series metrics into events.

Honeycomb Metrics was introduced today at o11ycon+hnycon, Honeycomb’s user’s conference, and is now in open beta for Honeycomb Enterprise customers. In addition to combining observability data and monitoring metrics for system checks, Honeycomb Metrics offers what Honeycomb CTO and co-founder Charity Majors described as “a bridge to the past,” in an interview.

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