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The aggregate storage model for Bindle, an open source package manager, is such a good fit for https://thenewstack.io/the-latest-milestones-on-webassemblys-road-to-maturity/ that it could be the basis of the https://thenewstack.io/webassemblys-wasmtime-1-0-revamps-security-performance/ Even web applications have components in HTML, CSS, JavaScript — often including multiple libraries and dependencies — and whatever images and other media are needed: the application is an aggregate of multiple pieces.

Most package managers are geared towards distributing individual packages either as a compressed file or an entire repository.

Bindle was originally planned as a way to store and share WebAssembly applications and binaries although it’s proving useful more broadly.

Bindle has been proposed as the storage layer for that, with a package API layered on top and may become the reference implementation.

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