of this three-part blog series looked at the foundational roles that HashiCorp Vault and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) played in implementing a zero trust mindset. It also took a look at a new that configures an Azure AD application with the correct permissions for Vault to use for JWT/OIDC authentication.

The next step is to create a Vault identity group alias, which ties the Vault identity group to an Azure AD group and to the OIDC auth method.

Tying all of these steps and modules together, the code example below creates an Azure AD application for Vault with the correct permissions, configures Vault's OIDC auth method for Azure AD, and maps Azure AD groups to Vault identity groups using aliases.

Finally it looked at mapping Azure AD groups to Vault identity groups with another Terraform module and a bonus Terraform module that maps Azure AD users to Vault entities.

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