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Kasten is sponsoring The New Stack’s coverage of Kubecon+CloudNativeCon North America 2021. Kubernetes native troubleshooting platform Komodor promises to ease the incredibly painful process of finding out what’s gone wrong inside your Kubernetes cluster.

The very nice — or not so nice — thing about Komodor is that when we go to customers and we ask them how troubleshooting is done today, who is responsible, every single org we meet is struggling to find out what’s happening in a Kubernetes cluster once you have an issue.

The wild complexity of Kubernetes systems means that even if they know what the likely error is, it can take a lot of time to check it.

Komodor is built to not only solve for the lack of knowledge and the extreme complexity, it allows people to go back in time a day or even a week to track changes that may have caused an issue.

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