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Open source has become critical to nearly every company’s technology strategy and open source usage among developers continues to grow across every industry. While open source is here to stay, many companies grapple with how to best enable their employees to use open source safely, provide secure solutions to customers, and effectively contribute to open source software.

We periodically update our policy, vetting it with a cross-organizational group of Open Source Champions and then with our Open Source Executive Council — a group of executives from across Microsoft businesses that share their open source strategies and best practices with each other.

We list our open source tools and,  in addition, we use and collaborate on an open source software project called Tern as part of our internal tooling for identifying components in containers in order to make sure we correct for vulnerabilities quickly.

You can visit our Open Source site which provides details on our open source activity and projects, as well as our policies, tools, and resources we use to guide our open source program internally.

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