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by Whereas our previous blog post focused on capturing data with the sysdig command-line utility, this tutorial will show how you can use Csysdig, the ncurses based GUI that ships with Sysdig.

You can also access the list of views from inside of Csysdig, by pressing the F2 key: You will see the list of views and a detailed description of the highlighted view: Use the arrow keys to navigate to a different view: ☞ When navigating through various Csysdig screens, keep in mind the following principles: Continuing with our example, we selected the Containers view and applied it with the Enter key: This provides a brief overview of the three containers running on your machine. Next, you can follow these steps to get in-depth information: As you can see, the list of filters is getting pretty long. Imagine doing this without a GUI.A.2 Csysdig allows you to retrieve even more detailed information.

In this section, we'll show how you can customize Csysdig to your preferences.