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NGINX at its online Sprint conference today launched a bevy of offerings including a service mesh as part of an expanded effort to meld network and security operations within the context of a larger DevOps workflow. Rob Whiteley, chief marketing officer for the subsidiary of F5 Networks, said NGINX Service Mesh 1.0 provides an easier alternative to deploy a service mesh based on the open source NGINX proxy server software already widely employed in enterprise IT environments.

NGINX Service Mesh 1.0 will be offered by NGINIX and F5 Networks will continue to offer a service mesh based on the Istio project for Kubernetes environments that relies on Envoy proxy software, which is not as lightweight as the NGINX platform, noted Whiteley.

In general, Whiteley said NGINX is trying to serve the needs of traditional network operation teams that want to provide self-service capabilities to development teams as well as via programmatic interfaces to DevOps teams.

Of course, the issue that ultimately might drive the convergence of NetOps and DevOps is the rise of the service mesh.