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While Kubernetes is leading the orchestration market, this blog explains why a growing number of customers choose Nomad as an alternative or use each tool where most appropriate. Back in March 2019, Matthias Endler from Trivago posted a blog “Maybe You Don't Need Kubernetes,” explaining his company’s decision to use HashiCorp Nomad for orchestration instead of Kubernetes.

Yet no matter the environment, organizations choose Nomad as an alternative to Kubernetes for its two unique core strengths: Operating as a single lightweight binary (~50MB as of the 1.0 release), Nomad excels on-premises and at the edge, providing the same ease-of-use as it does in the cloud.

Ultimately we chose Nomad because it met all of our requirements and made the most sense to our environments.”

The multi-orchestrator deployments we are seeing in enterprises will continue to emerge as a pattern in the future, where teams see Nomad and Kubernetes used in areas where their specific strengths are needed.

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