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This week at the Open Networking & Edge Summit conference, IBM announced that Intel’s Secure Device Onboarding (SDO) solution is now fully integrated into Open Horizon and IBM Edge Application Manager and available to developers as a tech preview.The Intel-developed SDO enables low-touch bootstrapping of required software at device initial power-on.

Simply run a one-line script on a target edge compute device or VM and simulate powering-up an SDO-enabled device and its onboarding.Both Open Horizon and SDO recently joined the LF Edge umbrella, which aims to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system. Thanks to IBM’s participation in the LF Edge open source community, contributors in the community are helping advance the future of open edge computing solutions.Simplifying edge device onboardingOur team uses the term “device onboarding” to describe the initial bootstrapping process of installing and configuring required software on an edge computing device.

With Intel also contributing SDO to LF Edge, this ensures that another vital component of a complete edge computing framework is also open source.We’re excited to collaborate with Intel to expand the deployment of applications from open hybrid cloud environments down to the edge, making them accessible, secure, and scalable for the developer ecosystem and community.Visit our booth to watch the demoThe virtual demo will premiere this week at the conference.