OpenShift — The Next Level of Kubernetes
When it comes to container orchestration, the first thing that comes to mind is “Kubernetes” but now OpenShift is the one who is dominating. Both OpenShift and Kubernetes seem similar and meant for container orchestration, only the differences are the extra features and functionality provided by OpenShift, which we’ll be looking at them in detail.

You may think OpenShift as the abstraction layer of kubernetes as kubernetes is the main underlying technology in the openshift but not only Kubernetes, Openshift is the bunch of multiple tools and technologies like CI/CD, Monitoring, Orchestration, Private Repository, etc.

And again in Kubernetes for monitoring, you need to integrate some visualizing tools like Grafana but OpenShift will monitor everything and also create some graphs.

I hope now you can able to judge the actual difference between Kubernetes and OpenShift and Why OpenShift is the Next Level of Kubernetes.

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