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In this post, (based on my session from the recent ACG Community Summit) I’m going to lay out what I view as the four pillars of Azure, trends we’re seeing around these, where I think they’re heading, and how you might plan your cloud career around these areas. I can see you Googling (or, sure, maybe you’re Bing-ing) it now: “What are the Azure pillars?”

I think that Microsoft is going to push to simplify services, and they’re going to look to continue to evolve as we look toward the future of data engineering.

The new certification requires more fundamental knowledge of data engineering and basic programming, as well as an understanding of data engineering tools available in Azure and how to apply them to solve engineering problems.

Of course, we’ve talked about the AZ-900, and it also wouldn’t hurt you to look at the DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals as well to get kind of a standing foundation in both Azure and data engineering.

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