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In this article, I will explain my hands-on approach PostgreSQL Patroni cluster with WAL-G and Minio. The purpose of this article to automate PostgreSQL full and incremental backups with a guaranteed and redundant place. I mean bu using this environment you will achieve availability, redundancy, and daily full and incremental backups.

The lines from 52 to 54 shows us how PostgreSQL will push all incremental WAL changes (backups of logs) with archive_command to the Minio and how will retrieve data from Minio with the restore_command line as following: To get base (Full) backup inside of the PostgreSQL master node switch to the current WAL segment and execute /usr/local/bin/ command (Commands must be executed on the PostgreSQL Master node and only unders postgres user otherwise script will not find the needed variables for the Minio bucket): With the /usr/local/bin/ command we can see list of the base (Full) backups. As we see we didn’t get any full backup (Must be executed under master node and with postgres username): To see all processes you can watch this youtube video.