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by But, that is what software testing consultant and trainer, Michael Bolton has set out to do.

Now this is in America where about 12% at that time, that somewhere between eight to 12% of the population were driving cars, with a manual transmission, and this was over half, way over half.

Now that speaks, it seems to me, to an idea which is not honored very much in this business, the idea of examining history, examining the history of technology and examining the history of science as well to see how wonderful ideas that we’ve had along the way haven’t always turned out exactly as we thought or hoped that they might.

And here’s how it could go wrong, if the data is in some way bad, like for example, if there are bits of the data that are being omitted, if there are bits of the data that are outliers in some sense that we want to be a little bit more skeptical about, if the data is in a form that is unsuitable for this kind of processing, but the machine tries to process it that way anyway, if it is time series data.