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When coupled with RockBench, a benchmark measuring data latency, Rockset is the only real-time analytics solution to publish benchmarks showing it can execute queries up to 9.4x faster than the alternative, and also ingest one billion events a day with one second data latency. The performance of real-time analytics solutions can be measured along two dimensions: data latency and query latency. As the need for real-time analytics becomes more critical, technology stacks require a database that is capable of both high write rates and low-latency queries, enabling applications to operate in real-time.

While these findings prove Rockset’s capabilities for delivering low-latency queries needed for real-time analytics, in September 2020 the company also released RockBench: a benchmark that measures time from when data is produced to when it can be queried, showing an application’s data latency — a factor that is rarely prioritized in most current database benchmarks.

Our SSB results prove that Rockset is one of the fastest real-time analytics solutions in the market today.”

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