Service mesh integration software provider has released, a new open source project that it “brings a Docker-like experience for eBPF to you.” eBPF gives Linux users a way to run sandboxed programs within the kernel space, without changing kernel source code or loading modules.

Writing an eBPF program, explained Levine, involves multiple tasks, from writing the program itself, to writing the user-mode program that interacts with it, to compiling the C source to the eBPF byte code for that particular kernel, which leads to a portability problem.

For a while, the solution was to distribute eBPF programs in source code form, for compiling on the machine it was to be run on.

In addition to simplifying the distribution of eBPF programs, BumbleBee also automates the boilerplate, including the userspace code, leaving its users to just write the eBPF code itself.

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