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While the open source Istio may help solve a number of issues for managing microservices and providing security, the service mesh also poses some of its own problems, from difficulty during installation to handling day two operations, such as upgrades and configuring certificate managers. Tetrate, the premium service mesh provider, has decided to tackle these difficulties with this month’s launch of GetIstio, a commercial service mesh based on Istio and Envoy proxy. First and foremost, GetIstio is an open source distribution of upstream Istio that helps users easily install Istio using the GetIstio command-line interface (CLI).

When users install Istio using GetIstio, they get a hardened image of Istio with continued support that is easier to install, manage, and upgrade, the company claimed. Part of that “continued support” comes by making sure Istio keeps running despite upgrades to Kubernetes that might otherwise impact compatibility, explained Tetrate CEO Varun Talwar.

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