Technology continues to advance, and now organizations are seeking the next frontier in DevOps for the mainframe, with many recognizing git as the next phase thanks to its ability to consolidate all sources onto a single platform. a version-control system originally created nearly 20 years ago by Linus Torvalds, the developer of Linux, who recognized the importance of version control in source code. In addition to its role in version control, git is also a source code management (SCM) system, a repository technology that allows for the co-location of source artifacts to house and track changes to application code.

Git also supports source code languages and methodologies for working on mainframe applications such as Java, C, Node, Python, Cobol, JCL, Rexx, PL1, Assembler, etc.

With git, organizations can consolidate their software-delivery life cycle (SDLC) process regardless of platforms and help modernize the mainframe.

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