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Twitter’s SRE team is one of the most advanced in the industry, managing the services that capture the pulse of the world every single day and throughout the moments that connect us all. We had the privilege of interviewing Brian Brophy, Sr. Staff SRE, Carrie Fernandez, Head of Site Reliability Engineering, JP Doherty, Engineering Manager, and Zachary Kiel, Sr. Staff SRE to learn about how SRE is practiced at Twitter.

SRE has been part of the engineering organization formally since 2012, though foundational practices around reliability and operations began emerging earlier.

Over time, as the architecture went from one service to hundreds and thousands of services, a dedicated SRE team also formed: the 24x7 Twitter Command Center, also known as TCC.

Furthermore, as reliability has been such a core aspect of Twitter engineering’s evolution over time, it is hard to isolate the impact of SRE.