Category: Kubernetes, automation

Continuous delivery software provider Weaveworks has launched Weave GitOps Core, a software package intended to help DevOps teams streamline the continuous delivery (CD) process of deploying applications and updates from a Git repository on Kubernetes clusters. As an open source alternative, Weave GitOps Core helps to simplify and automate the process of deploying code on what the company says can be “any Kubernetes cluster.”

Among other things, Weave GitOps Core also pre-configures the monitoring and observability tools for the clusters so that they continue to run uninterrupted during the deployment process.

Weave GitOps Core automates the process of ensuring what Companys described as a “reconciliation loop between Git and Kubernetes.” In this way, since Weave GitOps Core and the clusters remain in sync, as Weave GitOps Core’s user interface (UI) provides extended visibility into the GitOps-enabled cluster, Companys explained.

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