Weaveworks’s first general availability release of https://www.weave.works/product/gitops-enterprise/ represents an ambitious effort to support the entire development and deployment process for CI/CD across Kubernetes environments. It also emphasizes Git-centric management of deployments across multiple Kubernetes clusters that extends to on-premises and multiple clouds.

Weave GitOps Enterprise builds on top of Weaveworks’ previously released open source alternative, https://www.weave.works/product/gitops-core/ Weave GitOps Core is used to help to simplify and automate the process of deploying code on what the company says can be “any Kubernetes cluster.”

In a https://www.weave.works/blog/weave-gitops-enterprise-general-availability, Waterworth described how Weave GitOps Enterprise is the “first enterprise GitOps platform” that increases software delivery and operational performance for Kubernetes infrastructure and application teams.

As GitOps processes continue to evolve, so will Weave GitOps Enterprise.

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