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By Mike Vizard on September 15, 20201 Comment xMatters today announced it has expanded the capabilities of its incident management platform to better address the requirements of more complex IT environments. New capabilities include an Incident Console to better visualize and triage incidents, automate responses, improve collaboration and access to richer analytics to optimize response times. Incident metrics are now also automatically collected from integrated systems and surfaced along with the notification to improve resolution times.

A survey of 300 IT leaders and business professionals published today by xMatters revealed nearly three-quarters of respondents (72.3%) now spend at least half of their time resolving incidents, with more than a quarter (27.3%) of those respondents saying they their team spends at least 80% of that time resolving incidents.

Regardless of motivation, there are a host of mind-numbing tasks that IT teams are asked to perform every day that, in keeping with best DevOps practices, should be ruthlessly automated.