When we think about compliance processes, we often see these as top-down, business-driven processes that are unrelated to our code and tech stack, and mostly just an intrusive nuisance to developer workflows. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-koehnecke-3619333/ However, the reality is that good security posture and culture is more than 80% of the heavy lifting in compliance processes. So if we foster a dev-sec mindset from the earliest lines of code, we’ll not only better prepare our developers for emerging threats and risks, we will also make compliance processes a much lighter lift for our organizations.

Security has become an equally important engineering discipline that can no longer be decoupled from our tech stacks and products.

If you make the mistake of becoming single-threaded about achieving compliance, you may be missing potentially important areas of risk and vulnerabilities that aren’t part of the compliance process.

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