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Find out who wins in a battle between unit tests and integration tests, focusing on unit tests, test smells, confidence, and more.
This tutorial will suggest optimizations that will boost performance, including speeding up site loading time and search queries.
IT managers must change the practice of allocating a set amount of their data center budget to perceived growth areas. Today, they must consider those areas tha...
This post looks at the difference between real-user and synthetic monitoring, focusing on the advantages, disadvantages, and use cases for each.
Take a look at this article that will show you how you can get started with cleaning up your Git history by reducing your list of merge requests.
A developer advocate discusses the concepts behind the process known as GitOps and explains how GitOps allows dev teams to improve their CI/CD pipeilne.
Microsoft has a preview of a new Customer Initiated Failover that allows users to trigger their own failovers to a secondary storage account. See how it works h...
In this blog, I am going to share my experience and the steps followed by me to configure a LAMP web server on an Amazon EC2 Linux instance. A LAMP server is pr...
The plprofiler project provides great tooling to address questions like which line inside a function or block of code is causing the slowness in function calls.
Explore whether or not AI is putting the privacy of health data at risk.
Communication, collaboration, and a shared sense of company culture and mission are all key aspects of building and maintaining a strong remote team.
In this post, we explore the cost of a data breach as well as why encryption and authentication are essential security tools for your organization.
In this excerpt from the recently-released Gorilla Guide to Serverless on Kubernetes, we take a look at how the costs of serverless compuare to on-premises.
In this final installment on using TLS in Rust, we explore how to handle messages out of band, focusing on the Rust protocol implementation.
Continuous Delivery (or the combination Continuous Integration and CD) is one pattern for keeping your project well tested (as far as delivering to production i...