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1. Business Strategy (Shared responsibilities between consumer & CSP, fearless Updates & Upgrades, Global collaboration, Technological transformation & ahead in...
“Sorry I had no time to tell you.” or “I was simply too busy with a lot of small activities”. These are two arguments you can hear on a daily basis. But to be h...
Automate first, get the benefits of automation and drive faster delivery. Then take advantage of all that automation and make it into a streamlined process.
In this tutorial, we learn more about how to develop an Android application with Kotlin that made use of the HERE Geocoder API and various mapping features.
This tutorial will demonstrate how to use Serenity BDD with Cucumber 4 to quickly write quality automated tests with two examples in two design patterns.
There is a series of blogs on advantages of monorepo. That’s the reason I would like to share my views on why I don’t prefer Monorepo. Before you disagree, give...
This article highlights the role IoT services can play in automotive retail, including its impact on improving both ROI and UX.
This tutorial demonstrates a minimalistic Prometheus example of instrumenting an Kubernetes application with multiple pod instances.
As one of the tenets of a DevOps deployment cycle is a Zero Downtime Deployment, we take a look at what that means and how companies can achieve this.
Learn more about blockchain and data management in this post on how actual data gets stored and managed on a chain of blocks following a peer-to-peer network.
In this tutorial, one developer walks us through his experiences building an enterprise blockchain platform based on the Quorum blockchain.
A relatively new paradigm in the world of open source and DevOps, GitOps adds the power of Git's version control to provide a single monitored source of truth.
A Zone Leader investigates the way that artificial intelligence and big data processes are being used to increase the use and efficiency of renewable energy.
A software developer discusses an open source project he has helped build out that makes it easier for fellow devs to build and run unikernels.
This tutorial demonstrates how to provision Microsoft-supplied virtual machine extension resource objects using the Azure Resource Manager.