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The American AI Initiative is driving a sea change DevOps teams need to get ahead of, and workflow optimized hybrid clouds will be important tools.
The spot market allows businesses to make better decisions without sacrificing costs and availability, especially on peak traffic days.
This edition of Women in DevOps spotlights Riddhi Bhide, a software support engineer at Microchip. Come learn more about how she got into DevOps engineering.
Learn more about how you can get OpenSSL working with Rust and TLS in this demonstration on why you should always be sure to read the error message!
In this post, one tester offers their insight into the world of load testing and why traditional testing methods should be a thing of the past.
Find out the different types of algorithms in machine learning in this video.
Performance engineers are like medical professionals, diagnosing, analyzing and then prescribing the best way to cure. For your software to be unscathed by cybe...
In professional environments, logging for traceability of events is important. The risk is that failed logins, high-value transactions or errors are insufficien...
Sensors built into the application can provide a remedy, identify attackers on the first attempt and initiate protective measures themselves.
As a DevOps team, we are responsible for writing good quality code. Performing our test suites, being unit-tests, code coverage tests or regression tests. After...
Today DevOps is becoming industry standard, More and More organization are moving towards the DevOps. DevOps has different meaning for different people. but it...
Part One of this article provides a recap on some basic DynamoDB concepts, and then Part Two describes some best practice advanced design patterns for complex u...
In this post, we look at how you can implement device power management on IoT devices, including microcontrollers, radio operations, and sensors and actuators.
Even with very little knowledge of how to setup and run Ansible, it's possible to verify a Linux-based infrastrcture environment using the standup module.
An overview of the history of Apache Spark, how it became an open-source project, and why Spark is the bedrock for so many big data applications and projects.