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To reduce failed attempts from users, this tutorial explains how to restore the SQL master database.
This article focuses on the core functions and implementation principles of transparent sharding middleware.
The innovation of cloud computing introduced a number of different ways for companies to use the cloud, and an equal number of terms to describe them.
In this article, we learn more about one company that combines blockchain with IoT technology to transparently track food products via a real-time data feed.
The combined Datadog/Madumbo will bring intelligence to automated testing processes using both application and infrastructure data.
Check out a free online API contract security assessment tool that can help developers lock down their API definitions.
There are plenty of benefits to using a serverless architecture for your business. If you're ready to take the plunge, read all about it in this article.
With the rapid development of DevOps processes and IaC (Infrastucture As Code) tools that are becoming more and more diverse Cloud infrastructures can be deploy...
This post evaluates the reasons why SSL monitoring is essential for application security, discussing everything from newsworthy breaches to new technologies.
Check out this post where we explore the most recent IoT security hacks, how companies can prevent IoT hacks, and calls for government regulation.
Red Hat and Ansible are agreed to creating an open-source project around the Ansible Tower codebases which was named Ansible AWX. The AWX source code is availab...
This article explains how to define and understand the basic API layers in Mule.
In this tutorial, we explore how to identify and troubleshoot a Netty memory leak, looking at example code and important takeaways.
In this post, we take a closer look at how you can prevent reflected XSS in your app, focusing on why it matters and how to avoid vulnerabilities.
A developer and leader with Cerebral Palsy reflects on the impact that his disability has had on his career and what it has taught him about leadership.