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This article gives a full prospective roadmap that companies can look toward when designing a testing strategy and how to divide them between departments.
In this post, we take a closer look at how to further use TLS with Rust, learning how to implement the authentication portion of your network protocol in Rust.
Oops I click it again — exercise using a Win7 VM, Graylog & PowerShell Empire. The Win7 VM ran Sysmon, PowerShell 5.1 & NXLog forwarding into Graylog: If you ha...
Digital Ocean Providing developers and businesses a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.
Learn more about how to use modern state patterns in this post on object behavior, enums, and functional interfaces in Java.
We wrap up this two-part series on traversal algorithms by exploring the A* Algorithm, looking into how it works, and implementing it in our code.
IBM is rebranding and offering data management software developed by Actifio as part of an effort to close the gap between DevOps and DataOps.
The latest version of ElectricFlow platform for managing DevOps makes it easier for different classes of users to tailor the platform to meet their needs.
Code deployments made simple. Deploy your code from GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.
In this post, we look at debugging the MariaDB Galera Cluster and problems with SST, in which the MariaDB Cluster dies in the SST process after 90 seconds.
Automotive cybersecurity is a high-stakes endeavor, as software vulnerabilities in connected cars can threaten lives. A new report reveals industry concerns.
You are most likely using or thinking of using Terraform to “code your infrastructure” on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and possibly to keep the door open to moving...
Take a look at this article which displays the key technologies behind the Blue Cloud Mirror game, including the differences between the user's and score's serv...
CodersRank - Turn Your Code Into Your Digital Developer Profile & Get Hired. CodersRank - Turn Your Code Into Your Digital Developer Profile & Get Hired.
Hyper-converged data centers can simplify standing up virtual infrastructure. If you decide to add an HCI appliance to your pre-existing data center, you'll wan...
A comprehensive overview of information architecture, the role that it plays in the construction of a website, and how its design affects the end user.
Take a look at this tutorial that explains dependency injectors and how their ability to insert business logic at runtime can help you with Cucumber code.
In this post, we explore to potential of AI-infused IoT technology and its ability to provide risk management, operational efficiency, and more.