A bit about us
We've spent the last 6 years building a team by the sea in Bournemouth, and we're looking to welcome more teammates into the fold. We make technology that helps people get to work, school, the shops or socialise.

Passengers are at the heart of our products, and we endeavour to make the right decisions on behalf of the millions of people that use our products every day to get them where they need to be.

We work in partnership with our customers and that both enables and drives us to deliver clever solutions to the everyday problems we all encounter. Accountability is important to us but more than that, we're motivated to learn and excel in everything we do.

We operate with empathy and understand that different people need different things to thrive. By working together we can build a better world and that starts from within, with respect, understanding and a lot of laughing.

If you too are a champion of sustainable transport and this sounds like the kind of place you belong, get in touch.

What we offer you

  • Annual pay rise in line with inflation
  • A pension scheme that increases with long service
  • EMI company share options which increase with long service and enables tax-efficient dividend payments
  • 21 days holiday which increases with long service, plus Bank Holidays
  • A salary range of £40,000 - £50,000

  • A culture where work/life balance gets more than lip-service
  • Colleagues and managers who support you to be the best you can be with a dedicated employee programme
  • Company-sponsored lunches, away days, and celebrations
  • Quarterly reviews and structured CPD
  • Training budget to help you grow as a person and progress within the company

  • Option to work remotely up to 4 days a week
  • Optional private medical health care through Bupa
  • Budget to purchase a fitness tracker of your choice
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Funds to purchase optical wear and medical vaccinations

A bit about the role
We're looking for an experienced cloud infrastructure engineer to join our team in Bournemouth. Full time. No contractors.

Our infrastructure is primarily housed on AWS (Amazon Web Services), with some services in the process of being migrated from other suppliers. We're heavy users of EC2, Beanstalk, ELB and RDS. We use Docker on ECS where it makes sense. Our APIs and web applications are predominantly written in PHP, using the Symfony framework, running on Linux. Infrastructure is managed with Cloud Formation, Terraform and Ansible.

Our Passenger product supports millions of payment transactions every month and we manage real time data for hundreds of thousands of bus stops and vehicles.

We're firm believers in DevOps, where a team that runs a software application should also run and own its infrastructure. As such you'll work closely with the whole engineering team, including our Engineering Lead, but this role is part of our Platform team and reports to our Platform Lead.

The Platform team's goals are to:
  • Provide standardisation and consistency of infrastructure across the product
  • Improve the product's simplicity, scalability and performance and reduce risks around security and availability, through the use of cloud services
  • Champion DevOps, security and site reliability across the business

Your role as part of the Platform team is to:
  • Research, recommend and carry out infrastructure and DevOps improvement projects with support from the Platform Lead and Engineering Lead
  • Support other engineers on projects related to infrastructure, providing guidance, documentation and hands on support
  • Carry out business as usual infrastructure tasks where we don't have automation yet
  • Help investigate, resolve and prevent incidents relating to production infrastructure
  • Follow and improve policies and processes to comply with ISO 27001 accreditation
  • Stay up to date with relevant best practices
  • Partake in out of hours emergency support

As part of the role you'll be using a high spec MacBook or Dell XPS laptop, depending on your preference of macOS or Linux.

A bit about you

Cloud ace
You know that "cloud" means more than just a VPS and you're happy joining the dots between everything from object storage and queues, to containers, load balancers and databases. You avoid relying on point and click configuration UIs and have moved past orchestrating infrastructure with bash scripts. You've now embraced infrastructure as code and love tearing down and spinning up connected environments with the type of a few keys.

Smart, not complicated
You strive for simple solutions that are easy to understand and build upon. You know that adding more to a system can solve problems but always comes at the cost of added complexity. Every system has its own special requirements: you won't try to fit the round peg in a square hole but you know it's worth seeing if the established octagonal hole meets the real world needs.

Anything that's more awkward than it needs to be irritates you. You're good at documenting the unexpected and unintuitive but consider documentation to be only a patch over the problem. You address the root cause by refactoring infrastructure, tools and processes, making your life and the lives of others easier.

Reliability steward
You set up monitoring based on what impacts real users and are proud when the indicators show five nines. You know that “100% uptime” might sound great but is a false idol in the world of connected services. You're confident to jump in on any production issues, on the rare occasion that they do happen, then know what things to consider in a follow up postmortem.

You can anticipate most potential performance issues from a mile away but you're comfortable getting into the intricacies of a Linux server to debug when one creeps up unexpectedly.
Security champion

Your toolbox is lined with modern security controls that you're ready to whip out well before it's too late. You recognise that the controls are the solution, not the problem, and that the first step is to identify and evaluate the potential risks. You advocate for security across the business, helping developers bake in security by default.
Voracious appetite

You're a self-starter, doer, and soak up new ideas and techniques like a sponge. You're attentive to what's available that's new and shiny in tech but you aren't attracted to it like a moth to a Kubernetes Cluster. You like to be autonomous, knowing that you'll always be given what you need to do your job well. You work closely with your team, both learning from them and sharing what you know.

Experience and skills we need
As a cloud infrastructure engineer, you'll need to be sufficiently skilled in:

Delivering work
  • Help plan what you and your team are working on
  • Capture requirements and design solutions to both product and technical problems
  • Make significant changes to the product, adding new features

Feedback, communication and collaboration
  • Review code and plans from other engineers (e.g. in pull requests)
  • Take on feedback from others
  • Document system behaviour and implementations

Leadership and influence
  • Champion for product value in the long term, rather than quick wins
  • Recognise where others need help and step in as a senior and expert in your domain
  • Help evolve technical standards and processes
  • Tactfully challenge decisions from others
  • Admit to not knowing the answer and know where to look or who to ask
  • Work with non-engineering teams, providing a technical perspective

Technical skills
  • Use of cloud services, beyond managing VPS instances and ideally on AWS, including design, implementation and support
  • Management of infrastructure as code (e.g. Cloud Formation, Terraform, Ansible, Chef)
  • Support of critical production systems running on cloud infrastructure, including web applications and databases
  • Track record of delivering continuous improvements to infrastructure and DevOps processes, supporting reliability, scalability, security and simplicity
  • Use and understanding of git version control
  • Understanding of distributed networks, security, site reliability and performance
  • Use of build tools and processes as part of continuous integration
  • Basic Linux system administration experience

Desired skills and experience
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner qualification
  • Experience supporting technical teams
  • Coding experience, especially PHP
  • SQL and NoSQL experience
  • Continuous delivery and deployment
  • Monitoring, alerting and observability

Diverse teams
We know that innovation thrives in teams where diverse points of view come together to solve hard problems. As such, we seek people that bring diverse life experiences, educational backgrounds, cultures, and work experiences. Please be prepared to share with us how your perspective will bring something unique and valuable to the team.

Remote working
We want you to work where you’re most productive, whether that's in the office, at home or a coffee shop. To help you build meaningful relationships with colleagues, we ask new starters to attend the office at least 1 day a week for the first two years of employment. For this reason, you’ll need to be located within a sensible commute to Passenger HQ in Bournemouth.

Get in touch
If all this sounds like you then get in touch. Tell us why you want to work here and what youʼll bring to the team. We'd love to hear from you.

Technical task
As part of the interview process, we may ask that you complete a short technical task to help us know that you're operating at the level we're hiring for.
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