Andrew Swain, Co-Founder at Sundae (and the former CFO at AirBnB), is searching for the company’s first engineering hire. They have two roles open for Full-Stack engineers, a director of engineering and a full-stack engineer. Sundae is an incredibly well-funded pre-Series A company with a seasoned leadership team and proven product-market fit. This is an awesome opportunity to get in on the ground floor and help shape both the engineering culture and the tech stack at the company for the foreseeable future. Must have a big heart to apply.

As a full-stack engineer at Sundae, you’ll build tools and infrastructure to support rapid experimentation and drive top-of-funnel quality and conversion. You’ll work with a passionate cross-functional team to define and deliver new features and experiments, using a combination of rigorous testing and qualitative insight to validate hypotheses and make decisions. The work you do will be across the stack: from highly-optimized landing pages to robust backend integrations and data pipelines. An ideal candidate for this role is self-directed, metrics-driven, and excited to empower marketing and growth efforts across the team.

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