Ever heard of DevOps? Got curious about what does it really mean to be a DevOps engineer? Join this online webinar, where one of our DevOps engineers will share his DevOps journey. This webinar will include real-life scenarios and tasks that a DevOps engineer needs to fulfill

Target audience:
Anyone who is interested in knowing more about the role of a DevOps engineer.

Experience with development cycles is recommended, but not a must.

Length - 30 min

A day at the office of a DevOps engineer:

# Explain to me what is DevOps like I'm 5 years old
# Processes and tools - build, deploy, test, notify (pipelines)
# Types of architectures - Virtual Machines, Containers (Docker) and Serverless
# Keeping it secret, keeping it safe - Secrets, Security and Networking
# Creating your first pipeline (Demo)
# I like it! How do I begin my journey?

Link: https://youtu.be/r83Yu9N4les

Lecturer - Meir Gabay
Meir is an experienced automation engineer and a certified AWS solutions architect. He has four years of experience as Operations and Automation at NICE's training department. With knowledge in web development, both server-side and front-end. The critical thing that motivates him while working with customers - "To continue evolving and improving independently, a customer needs to know how the solution works."

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