📍 6:00pm: Registration / Check-in / Pre-event Networking / Food
📍 6:30pm: Welcome/Intro - Garland Kan
📍 6:35pm: Intro to Service Meshes with Linkerd

In this talk, William Morgan will provide an introduction to Linkerd and the service mesh model.

Speaker's full name: William Morgan
Speaker's title: CEO
Speaker's company: Buoyant
Speaker's bio: William Morgan is the cofounder and CEO of Buoyant, creators of Linkerd. Prior to Buoyant, he was an infrastructure engineer at Twitter, where he helped move Twitter from monolith to microservices. He was a software engineer at Powerset, Microsoft, and Adap.tv, and a research scientist at MITRE.

📍 7:15pm: Kong Service Mesh

Speaker: Josh Eveleth
Company: Kong
Title: Senior Software Engineeer
Bio: Josh Eveleth is a Senior Software Engineer at Kong, where he focuses on DevOps. Previously, he worked as a Backend Engineer at OpenDNS and Cisco.

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