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Ask Me Anything with Bernd Ruecker



Join us in this Ask Me Anything session (AMA) with Bernd Ruecker a on Slack and have him answer any burning technical questions you can think of around Process Automation, Workflow Engines, Microservices Orchestration, Business Transactions, Eventual Consistency with Remote Communication, BPMN, Camunda, Open Source Business Models, and starting your own company!

Location: Slack

Please note: We encourage you to join Bernd's Slack channel in the GOTO Conferences Slack workspace, introduce yourself, and ask your questions before the event starts. This way, we can make full use of the hour with our expert, Bernd Ruecker.


Throughout his 15+ years in software development, Bernd has helped automating highly scalable core workflows at global companies including T-Mobile, Lufthansa and Zalando. He has contributed to various open source workflow engines. He is co-founder and chief technologist of Camunda, an open source software company reinventing workflow automation. As well he co-authored "Real-Life BPMN," a popular book about workflow modeling and automation, now in its fifth edition and available in English, German and Spanish.

He regularly speaks at conferences and writes for various magazines. Currently he focuses on new workflow automation paradigms that fit into modern architectures around distributed systems, microservices, domain-driven design, event-driven architecture and reactive systems.

Topic focus: Software Development



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