Please join us at New Realm Brewing on January 22nd to welcome Mandi Walls from Chef! Food & drinks will be provided.

"Automate Your Security Checklists with InSpec".
Security concerns are everywhere, and they impact all levels of your installed technology stack. Whether your team is working on authentication and authorization protocols, dealing with insecure-by-default installations, or the constant barrage of vulnerabilities and updates raining on modern environments, Chef InSpec, and Open Source testing language, can help you make sense of what's going on. Built with multiple stakeholders in mind, InSpec can help your DevOps and SRE teams, your compliance officers, and your dedicated security folks manage and track your security benchmarks across your environment.

Determine the versions of software that are installed on your nodes. Run the CIS benchmarks regularly. Track your updates across thousands of nodes to ensure your environment hasn't regressed. Using a toolset that is easy to read and understand. This talk will introduce you to the powerful language that is InSpec and how you can use it to ensure security on Linux, Windows, in containers, in the cloud, on premises, where you need it.

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