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Automated Governance

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This month, we've got our very own Oliver Eikenberry and his colleague, Robert Kelly, talking about automating stuff like policy and compliance with a new open source tool. It's demo time!

# Automated Governance - Bringing Governance, Compliance, Security, and Engineering closer to enable faster product delivery

## Abstract
How do you help bring automation capabilities to your Governance, Compliance, Audit, and Security teams that provide requirements in an automated fashion to product development teams to enable faster delivery?
Automated Governance is the capability to automate controls, policy enforcement, and process decisioning within the software delivery supply chain.
During this demo we will be talking through our point of view of Automated Governance. We will start at a high-level and use our open-source tool, Rode, to frame our point of view and demonstrate how automation can assist with governance. After the demo of Rode we’d like to discuss and find out how the comment is looking at this challenge and get any feedback attendees may have.

## Bio

Robert Kelly - Principal Engineer at Liatrio
Oliver Eikenberry - Senior DevOps Consultant at Liatrio
Liatrio guides complex organizations through their digital transformation journey, enabling them to deliver value faster and safer with Enterprise DevOps and Cloud Native delivery.
We partner with large, successful enterprises to drive systemic change and transformation that helps you scale your entire approach to software delivery.

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