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Azure Kubernetes Day

Azure Kubernetes Day is a one day (30 January 2021), virtual, developer-focussed, community driven conference themed on the various use cases of Kubernetes on Azure, meant for professionals & developers!

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Session details:

1. "Must know Azure Kubernetes Best practices and features for better resiliency", by Maheshkumar R, Microsoft
2. "YAML Tips for Kubernetes", by Neependra Khare, CloudYuga Technologies
3. "Deploy microservices to Kubernetes without secrets", by Reenu Saluja, Microsoft
4. "Managing and scaling Kubernetes using Terraform", by Ritesh Modi, Microsoft
5. "Leverage Azure Tech stack for any kubernetes cluster via Azure Arc", by Saiyam Pathak, Civo

What to expect at Azure Kubernetes Day?

➜ Demo-heavy talks by Kubernetes experts
➜ Live Q&A sessions
➜ Access amazing learning resources
➜ Win exciting prizes

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PS : Live Session Link will be updated one day before the event and also sent by email to all participants.

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