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Big Apple DevOps at Work-Bench

Jan 30, 2019 - Big Apple DevOps
Big Apple DevOps at Work-Bench


Richard Bullington - Modus Create

Richard is a Principal Architect with Modus Create and will discuss monitoring and alerting as code using Terraform and New Relic.

In this presentation Richard will show how to integrate New Relic monitoring with Terraform infrastructure as code templates, setting up alerts, dashboards, and other monitoring artifacts as part of an application deployment pipeline. He will demonstrate an open source example and show how it behaves under a load as it fails.

Ed Rodriguez - Rackspace

Ed is a Sr Software/Platform Cloud Engineer at Rackspace and will share
discuss enterprise features on top of Kubernetes that makes for a more enjoyable experience.

He will cover security, pipeline configuration, Jenkins integration, image repositories, stages and promotion of images between environments. This will also include how helm package manager fits in along with a successful pattern for helm & app definition sharing.

Ed will also show a real life example of a migration project from regular cloud VM's into OpenShift, its advantages, challenges and why it makes perfect sense bringing a more peace of mind and focused time in feature building.

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