(Update) For the presentation, we have removed the COVID Restrictions from this event and will be in the common conference rooms in the Franklin Templeton building.

After the presentation, we will offer a Tour of the newly renovated Accenture offices on the 4th floor. Accenture offices are vaccination only and we ask our guests to be fully vaccinated and show their vaccination card upon entering. No data is collected or stored. For further details see the Accenture's Health and Safety Approach at the end of this description.

Building and Deploying Containers with Github Actions

Come join us for our first in-person meetup in 2022. Accenture and Avanade are hosting the location and is a completely new office with some of the latest technology and modern office design. After the talk, we will have the opportunity to socialize and find out more about what technologies are being worked on right here in the Tampa Bay area.

Topic: Building and Deploying Containers with Github Actions
As we build and deploy software for a cloud native world, we want automate the build and release of our containers. We're going to walk through a dev workflow of building containers locally and automating the build and release via GitHub Actions.

We'll discuss:
Container Registries
Container security
Configuration Management
Secret Management

Presenter: Chris Ayers
Chris is a Senior Customer Engineer on the Fast Track for Azure team at Microsoft. He has a focus on modern applications built with DevOps, microservices, containers, Single Page Apps, RESTful APIs, and cloud technologies following agile practices. In his free time, Chris is a speaker at numerous meetups, an avid reader, and a gamer.

Accenture's Health and Safety Approach
We want to let you know about protocols we have introduced in our US Accenture offices to help protect all of those working at and visiting our office and to create a welcoming and warm in-person environment for everyone.
Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete a wellness survey that will ask you to attest that you have no COVID-19-like symptoms.
As our US Accenture offices are vaccination only – we will ask our guests to be fully vaccinated and show vaccination card. No data will be collected or stored. We want to assure you that Accenture respects your private health information and will only collect, retain or use information to ensure the safety and well-being of all of us, in compliance with federal and local law. For more on how, and for what purposes, we will use your information, and your rights in relation to your information, please read our Privacy Statement.
Also, please note that we will continue to follow recommended health and safety protocols—including the optional use of face coverings, frequent hand washing, and other local requirements—for everyone working at or visiting our locations, even as all are tested and vaccinated. And as we continue to monitor the public health advice and science—along with changes in local government, client and travel requirements—we will update our protocols and policies as necessary to reflect this evolving landscape.
Thank you for your understanding and your support in keeping everyone safe.

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