We all know that cars, trucks and other vehicles are becoming more and more complex integrated systems with state of the art hardware AND software. We also know that manufacturers are speeding up their digital skills and competing via new digital products.

In this meetup we will have speakers from two different Volkswagen group companies telling us their experience building and operating digital products - which techniques, platforms and practices they've used and what are the results so far.

Join this meetup to find out more!

Doors open at 19:00 and talks will start at 19:15 sharp, please be on time!

There will be drinks and food after the talks, as usual!

We will have a book to raffle among those who arrive before 19:15!


Talk #1: How to Manage Cloud Infrastructure at MAN Truck & Bus
Speaker: Stefan Killian

A crucial part of DevOps is to have a platform where you can build your product. A great platform gives you the power and enables you to do more. Therefore, we use a Multi-Account AWS approach. Each Development Team gets one or more AWS accounts. However, to set up and maintain multiple AWS accounts is challenging.

MAN Truck & Bus present how they give their development teams access to AWS, how the Cloud Platform Team is collaborating with the developer teams to onboard and support them. However, the developer team will stay in the full responsibility of their account. How MAN Truck & Bus provisions new AWS Accounts, set security guard rails, and use governance features to ensure audits.

We show how we use many AWS Features like AWS Organizations, IAM, Step Functions, Lambda, Cloudformation, GuardDuty, Config, Cloudtrail, Route53 to provision new and secure AWS accounts. The whole composition is following the principle to automate everything and use continuous integration and continuous deployment where we can.

Stefan Killian is an IT Architect at MAN Truck & Bus SE in Munich, Germany. He covers topics around cloud, AWS, microservices and legacy integration platform.


Talk #2: The art of crafting sustainable products
Speaker: Syamala Umamaheswaran

Iterative Planning, TDD, CI/CD, Cloud Foundry, Monitoring, Error Budgets, Retrospectives and much more.

These are not just buzzwords for us. In this talk, I will share my experience of how we continue to build and operate our suite of successful live products by applying these tools and techniques @ Volkswagen Digital:Lab Berlin.

Syamala Umamaheswaran works as a software engineer at Volkswagen Digital:Lab Berlin. A Backend developer with most experience in Java/Kotlin Spring, now learning and developing in Go and Python. An avid twitter tweeter, occasional blogger with a new found interest for public speaking. She also Loves to discuss TDD, Pair Programming, OpenId connect, OAuth2. She's also an active participant in local Berlin communities like Pyladies, Women Who Go and Women Who Code.


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