In Cloud Austin tradition, we will be having our own take on the state of the union and address issues on all things cloud.

This time we will present in a panel format with some of our favorite people in the community. The goal is to talk cloud in past, present, and future tense. Think of it as "A Cloudmas Carol" type of event. This will cover

* 2020 and before of Cloud
* Cloud at Present
* The Future of Cloud (and what you might care about)

We are currently finalizing our panelist list, but here is a sneak peak at some of our great cloud gurus
*Laura Santamaria* - Dev Advocate for LogDNA and cloud talker extraordinaire
* JJ Ashgar * - JJ Asghar will discuss the viewpoint of how cloud-native technologies in this COVID world forced some enterprises to look at modernization "sooner" than they were planning to. The flood of Kubernetes and containerization forced real change which in turn made some nasty hiccups.
*Jeff Carapetyan* - functional cloud talker and obvious strong silent type. Currently implementing Kubernetes at Acxiom.
*Karthik Gaekwad* - Head of Cloud Native Engineering at Verica and all around great guy.
*Ell Marquez* - Linux Security Advocate. former sysadmin, cloud builder, podcaster and container advocate- has always been a security enthusiast. This enthusiasm and driven curiosity have helped her as she has become an active member of the InfoSec community, leading her to explore the groundbreaking & exciting world of Genetic Malware Analysis at Intezer labs
* Brad tarno * - Principal Architect. 20 years of networking experience focusing on large scale LAN and WAN network designs with an emphasis on BGP and MPLS. 12 years at Rackspace all in various networking groups

Have questions you want answered? Feel free to submit below to the comments and we will do our best to answer them at the meetup. Just make sure to specify if it's past, present, or future.

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