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Infrastructure as Code has become an essential part of the mindset which has allowed the DevOps movement to explode in popularity. There are countless stories of productivity increases from teams who have taken popular IaC tools and built robust infrastructure which enables teams to ship software fast.

Often, these tools involve a learning curve to adopt. That could be understanding the available features of your cloud provider, learning a new DSL or reading a long, complex YAML document, for many developers this can be too overwhelming and involves being catapulted out of their comfort zone.

What if you could introduce your development teams to Infrastructure as Code in the languages they already understand? In this talk, we'll introduce Pulumi, an infrastructure-as-code platform which meets developers where they are, and examine how developing IaC that uses application programming languages can level-up your team and perhaps your organization.

Speaker bio: Lee Briggs is a Staff Software Engineer at Pulumi. With almost 10 years of experience designing, building, and maintaining distributed and complex systems, he wears the scars of many deployment tools. When he’s not trying to fit monolithic applications into containers, he is playing and watching soccer and taking walks with his family and dog, Cindy.

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