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Code reviews: that's a great idea!

Note: Due to construction, we're meeting at a different location than usual. Do not go to SPS Commerce - you won't find the meetup there. To reach Sports Engine, turn off Broadway onto Quincy Street and enter the parking lot on the right. You will see the Sports Engine entrance straight ahead.

Working in platform engineering, devops, and SRE roles, we may not always consider code review - but we should! Our configurations are code, and we need to collaborate and communicate with our colleagues.

Talk Description:
We all know that code reviews are beneficial. We’ve been told time and time again that they should be part of our development process. But – like most best practices – a practical implementation is challenging (and time consuming). Your team is convinced they are a great idea. You’ll have an opportunity to squash bugs in the least costly of development times, learn new things from your talented teammates, and build a stronger foundation of trust. Awesome. Everyone is on board. But now what? What tools are out there? What are you actually looking for? How often should the reviews happen? What about bias?

In this talk, you’ll get a practical guide to making code reviews effective. Whether you’re the reviewer or reviewee: there are ways to make sure this really is a great idea.

Speaker: Amy Gebhardt, SportsEngine
Amy is an extroverted software developer with a traditional Computer Science background and a passion for technology and people. She is happiest when writing client-side code on her Mac in collaboration with a super smart team. Currently, she's the Lead UI Engineer at SportsEngine and spends her time working with other engineers, designers, architects, and product folks to build and maintain a reusable UI Component Library. As a 30 out of 30 on the Myers Briggs extroversion scale, she loves to get involved with local MeetUps and attend conferences. You'll most likely catch her talking about her love for TypeScript, cakepops, or ultimate frisbee.

Food & drinks will be served.
Location & drinks sponsor: SportsEngine -

6pm: Doors open
6:30pm: Sponsor & Presentation
After the presentation, there will be a discussion/social time.
9pm: end

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